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Contemporary Staircases By Thestaircompanyuk.co.uk

Wooden Contemporary Staircases are becoming increasingly popular, with artists going all out to spice up the look of them. A lot of carpeted staircases are built separately from the house, which means they cannot easily be taken apart for conversion into hardwood, but a simple paint job can make the stairs one of the most interesting things in your house.

Wooden Contemporary Staircases Styles

Paint – One benefit of paint is that you can always paint over it if your tastes change, or if the original painter does a lousy job.

Risers – Others like tiles on the risers, which can create an almost Mediterranean effect in some cases which can make wooden Contemporary Staircases into a piece of stunning or subtle artwork.


Traditional black or white Style – Then there’s the traditional black or white. Light pastels are a good alternative to straight up white since they hide any possible dirt or scuff marks more readily. However, for a summer home or cottage, or even your regular home if you don’t mind the risks of dirt, white adds a brightness to the stairwell unrivaled by any other colour.

Black, on the other hand, works best for dramatic effect, or to cover up punctures or marks in the wood that you don’t have the time or money to fix up right now. This is also a good option for those with kids who might be bruising the appearance of your wooden staircases.

Accessories For Wooden Staircases

If you live in a colder climate, adding a runner to your wooden staircase offers you the best of both worlds. Runners are much easier to clean than a full-on carpet, since they are removable. When it starts to wear out, or just for a change, you can replace it with a fresh riser for a fraction of the cost of carpet work. If you just really ambitious or have a lot of time, you could even collect a few risers to exchange for holidays and other occasions.

Underneath the riser, the wooden steps will provide a washable surface. You can combine these ideas by painting the steps or putting in tiles, and then placing a nice matching riser over them. In this way, you can come up with a unique look that suits your personal style.

Compared with other options, like concrete or marble, wooden staircases present a warmer look and feel. Although they wear out sooner, with the proper care, they will last for a very long time. Additionally, they are softer for falling on, in case a member of your household missteps on their way up or down.

Wooden stairs are better for affixing handrails, which you can also play with. Some people even attach a rope to the wall, instead of going for a more traditional wooden pole.

Whatever your preference, wooden staircases provide a great variety of possibilities, and their flexibility means you can redo the design without too much difficulty. On the other hand, once finished with a certain look, a wooden staircase can sit on its own without you having to concern yourself with it, beyond the usual cleaning and maintenance that goes into any piece of your house.

About Staircase company UK

The Stair Company UK specializes in architectural wood and metal products designed, engineered and manufactured to meet your building needs for contemporary staircases and rail systems.  The pre-engineered, shop fabricated, stair system has been specified and installed by architects and contractors in projects, nationwide, for more than forty years. The Stair Company UK offers a wide range of stringer selections, rail types and tread designs. We are ready to tackle all of your egress staircases UK needs.

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